Recipe: Jason’s Super Bowl Snack Mix

Serving up today: Jason’s Super Bowl Snack Mix

This is another family favorite, it’s  SUPER EASY and it’s not just for the Super Bowl!  😉  It makes a lot, so you may want to cut the ingredients in half.  Or, because it is so GOOD, you may just want to make the whole recipe and keep it in an airtight container for future snacking!

You will need one huge bowl, or at least two large bowls.

Jason’s Super Bowl Snack Mix

INGREDIENTS packet DRY Italian dressing mix bottle popcorn oil

3. 5-6 boxes/bags of any cracker or pretzel of your choosing.


1. Combine the packet of dry Italian dressing mix with the bottle of popcorn oil, mixing well.

2. In a very large bowl combine 5 or 6 boxes of your favorite kinds of crackers and pretzels:
Example: Cheez It’s, Mini Ritz, pretzels, oyster crackers (small round white crackers), Wheat Thins….
you can use any cracker or snack of your choice.  (if you are using two large bowls instead of one huge bowl….put half of the crackers/pretzels in each bowl.)

3. Pour oil mixture over top and mix with a spoon very well.  The oil will sit on the bottom, so make sure to mix well.  If you are using two bowls, pour half of the dry dressing mix/popcorn oil over each bowl, stir cracker mix well to combine, then move some back and forth between the two bowls to get an even mix)
Store in an airtight container.
Enjoy!                  **Thanks to my daughter for this recipe**

This is so yummy, you may be tempted to eat it all yourself! 😉   We’ve been nibbling all afternoon and evening!!
Good night~
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28 thoughts on “Recipe: Jason’s Super Bowl Snack Mix

    • hahaha……right! If we had that jar while watching him…. at the end we’d see an empty jar and wonder how did that happen??!!! I still haven’t seen Three Idiots….I wonder if it’s like our Three Stooges movies. Slapstick comedy….you laugh until you are crying.

      • that’s true Judy. empty jar and I will blame my son for sneaking on me to much away on the snack mix.
        and NO 3idiots is not like three stooges.
        humor yes. but it’s a serious movie. with a serious message, especially for countries in this region. and you see the cultural side of India too … 😀
        pressure on kids to get the top results… their struggle in finding a job etc etc.
        and college fun 😀 …

      • It sounds really good. I looked it up on Netflix and we can’t downstream it immediately, although they do have it in their dvd section. We dropped our dvd rental when they split the pricing. I’ll look for it locally in a rental store. Can’t wait to see it!

        Love what you said about your son! When I see food has disappeared quickly…my first thought is: It couldn’t have been ME! But it usually is..I just ate it without thinking, while doing something else…a very bad fault of mine!

  1. mmm.. really looks so yummy, tempting in the beautifully captured shot… Special thanks to your daughter for the recipe 🙂 Must try it. Happy nibbling to the whole family, Judy!

    • Thanks Bindu! I will pass your thanks to my daughter. For her wedding we had big jars like this of family favorites, such as cookies, caramels, etc. This snack mix was a popular one, while people waited for the photos to be finished!

      • hehehe u know one thing, elclassico always turn out to be wwe wrestling, there is always a lot of fight and booking during the match, and the funny thing last year madrid coch , he was given a red card and out thrown out of the match cox he was abusing barcelona players and pushed one to make it fell down the ground and the refree he show him the red card 😀

      • oooo, I know red cards are not good. That’s nasty…pushing a player down. ;( Yellow cards, are they a warning/penalty? My son played soccer in High School a long time ago.

    • What? Are you serious? Wow. Thank you Nalaik! You humble me with this honor. Thank you very much! Wait…let me put on a song…dj style. 😉
      “Celebrate” by Three Dog Night…yay!

      • well, I only know a little bit about music. How come you never heard that song? lol Probably because I’m 500 years older than you and it’s from my younger years! 😉 You can still look it up on youtube though!

  2. We make a similar recipe and we call it Nuts and Bolts. We use various nuts, pretzel sticks (the bolts), cheerios and shreddies. We don’t use very much oil, and we bake the whole thing on cookie sheets in a low oven for a while.

  3. Now this is something I need to make for the coming Super Bowl!! THANK YOU JUDY! 😀 I rarely watch the matches, but I have rarely missed the final game! 😀 And this year’s final is special because my two fav teams are playing against each other: THE GIANTS and THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! Though of course am gonna support my home team, I feel bad for betraying the Patriots! lol … I was their fan for two years when I was in New England. 🙂 Well, things change, dont they? lol … So yeah GO GIANTS!! WOOHOO! … Who are you supporting Judy? 🙂

    • I support the food! 😉 lol My whole family is nuts over football..EVERY WEEK.;( Since the Lions didn’t make it, I suppose I’m for the Giants too, as I’m a former New Yorker. (upstate NY) I’m also a fair weather game watcher. If I’m at a game, I really get into it, if it’s a final game, I love watching. But every week? no.

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