Welcome to my snowy world!

Hello friends!  

We’ve had some wonderful snowstorms lately.  In fact, the other day we had what our family calls…”living in a snow globe” snowfall!  A “snow globe” snowfall means the snow is falling gently and steadily; sometimes the snowflakes are very large and sometimes they are small, but the snow is continuously drifting from the sky.  It is my favorite kind of snow “storm”.  

When I was a child I tried to catch a snowflake on my tongue, but that day I tried to catch one on film!  Oops!  Film?   Correction: I tried to catch a snowflake in an image on my camera!  Stay tuned to see what happened!

Welcome to my yard.  I hope you enjoy the Snow Globe effect in some of the photos! It’s not easy to capture!

Our front door is open to welcome you!


I have many favorite trees, but the Sycamore holds a special place in my heart.  Its bark is a work of art!


Here I’m trying to catch a snowflake…(above)!  I tried different apertures to see which one would show the snowflakes best.  Different apertures gave me different depths of field.  (meaning: sometimes the background was more clear…sometimes the background was blurry as it it here, depending on the aperture number)  Can you see the marvelous snowflake I got?  I was really tickled with that one! 😉


Snow on the limestone ledge.


The Viburnum looks almost ready to bloom!  We had such warm weather earlier this season, it’s been fooled.


The last leaf…….. I love this little leaf, hanging on for dear life.  The only thing keeping it on the ledge is the end of the stem, tucked into the siding of our house.  The wind and snow did not tear it from its mooring.  Plucky little guy~ and not ready to give up!  I feel that way about Fall too!

Good night and sleep tight…..

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34 thoughts on “Welcome to my snowy world!

    • Oh….dear! I think I’d miss it….but not for 6 months! 😉 Enjoy those 70 degrees! There are times in mid-winter I’d give anything to feel that! (about the time the snow gets to its ugly stage….brown, cement-like, slushy, from all the sand and salt and cars driving in it!) You must love India though! Thanks for commenting!

  1. An extremely well presented posting with some delightful imagery also… Do have a most wonderful day today Judy 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

    • hahaha….I understand! I’ll come to your site and find out where you are from! 😉 I’m sure it’s much warmer than here! I ache for warmer temperatures in late February or early March. By then we still have a lot of cold weather left! 😉 Thanks for the visit!

    • Ahhhh, but you live in wonderful Paris! I’d give anything to be in Paris right now! I understand, however. If I didn’t have the snow, I’d miss it. But I get tired of six months of cold. I’m aiming for a summer of ’13 trip. Can’t wait! Thanks for your comment!

  2. What a lovely post Judy. Made me so jealous … i am green with envy.
    I so want to go there, be there, experience the ambiance, the lovely atmosphere.

    This is as close I have got to feeling snow Judy 🙂
    Your words and your photos transported me to your yard. what a lovely place.
    I can almost feel the crunchy snow. I can almost feel snowdrops on my face.
    I can see myself going crazy running around with my camera just pointing and shooting. And I see myself picking up that lone leaf and saving it in my diary to cherish for eternity 😀
    [at this moment, you should imagine me dreaming with my eyes open 😆 ]

    • I am, I am! I’m picturing you in a great day-dream! 😉 I’m glad the photos have transported you to a snowy place and given you some happiness!
      Were you sitting in “my Maldives swing” when you were daydreaming? 😉 Because that’s where I’d like to daydream about snow! (kidding)
      I do all those things you describe…running around with my tripod and cam. There are no flowers now, no leaves (oops…just one!), many gray days…but the beauty is still there. We just need to open our eyes and look around. Love your post here..

  3. Beautiful shots, Judy! I love winter shots and they have turned out well in these pics. And the snowflake looks really marvellous.
    Thank you for welcoming me into your yard 🙂 I enjoyed the visit.

  4. Am still waiting for my snow globe snowstorm .. 😦 at least a sight of snow would suffice .. jezz .. i never missed snow this much lol … im not missing storm btw … just the gentle snowflakes 😀

    Nice pics! 🙂

    • If you are in the north….I am sure it will come! The temperatures/precipitation have been strange this year. Just yesterday we warmed back up to 50 F, all the snow is leaving and it’s raining! ugh! 🙂

    • ahhh…Castle was on last night..a fave show of mine. Do you know it? Everything stops here when Castle is on! I will watch it tonight…my Fanaa moment. (I’m hoping for more rain!) haha. Oh you’ll hear from me for sure! (she giggles)

    • Oh you thin-skinned Californians! lol… My bro is the same way, living in Cali, formerly from the mid-west. Now he gets cold here!!
      Thanks for your comment, mj!

    • Yes it did! Then two days later…the temps hit 50 F! (with rain!)
      Today as it rained, the temp dropped 25 degrees, we had sleet and the low tonight will be 19! Welcome to Michigan! Blink and the weather changes! lol Thanks for visiting!

  5. Very enjoyable series of snow scenes, Judy. We finally got some snow of our own this evening; 4 inches in 2 hours. There’s a big mass of wet weather coming in from the Pacific this week but I don’t know if it will head your way.

    • Thank you, montucky. I was watching the weather map and thought about you as I saw the huge storm system over the NW part of the country. We lost our snow with rising temps (50F), then today it rained, the temps dropped 25 degrees, we had sleet and the low will be 19! Welcome to MI!! 😉

    • Thanks! You know, I looked today, and after wind and more heavy rain, freezing weather….melting snow…it’s still there! 🙂 I should document its progress! Thanks for the visit!

  6. Enjoyable photos. Snow, after waiting it long time, now we got snow in two days about 16 inches.

    My favorite photos are from the top third and the last photo, which I find so artistic!

  7. Beautiful pictures Judy, I really like the second one and the leaf. I LOVE winter ! Even if we sometimes have -20°C and snowstorms ! Once we’re used to the cold weather it’s so beautiful.

  8. By mistake I discovered a pretty trick. I took photos in the same sort of snow globe snow fall, one with the flash. The flakes in the flash look like winter fire flies, sparkly!

    These photos of your yard are lovely in their simplicity.

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