Recipe: Sloppy Joes

My dear blog readers…..I should have said: NEON ORANGE Sloppy Joes!  I have trouble shooting food photos! (I’m sure you’ve noticed!)  This is an area of my photography I’m working on, desperately!  I even created a make-shift light box this time…..and you can see how well it worked!  😉  So…apologies to all of you….the recipes I post REALLY ARE delicious!  They just look awful!  😉  Bear with me….I’ll tackle this project and hopefully you will see food that looks like real food someday!


 Sloppy Joes

* a recipe from my mom ❤

1.5 pounds ground beef
1 ¼ cups ketchup
2 Tablespoons white vinegar
2 teaspoons dry mustard (ground)
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
2 teaspoons white granulated sugar

Brown the beef in a frying pan and remove any fat/grease.  Add the ketchup and the remaining ingredients.  Mix well.
Cover and cook for 20 minutes on simmer/low.  (check to make sure the flame isn’t too hot, as it can burn)
Traditionally, sloppy joes are served on hamburger buns.  But try soft flour tortillas for a change.

This recipe has been a favorite in our family for a long time.  I can remember eating it on camping trips when I was a child!

Enjoy~ and have a great start to your week!


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18 thoughts on “Recipe: Sloppy Joes

  1. I’ve never tried to photograph food before… except once I photographed some broth I was making with chicken feet in it– and that looks disgusting no matter how well the photo is taken! lol!

    • hahaha….now that’s a great story, plaid oak! I can’t stop laughing at your comment! You have a great sense of humor! If you can (gag)…get past the neon orange…this recipe is good…lol

  2. Judy, my stomach is growling! 😆 The sight of that Sloppy Joes is making my mouth watery!! 😀 Am going for this one today!! Thank you so much! I was thinking of what to make in such freezing MLK day! 🙂 You have officially taken my mom’s place! lol

    • You tickle me pink! Or orange! 😉 I’m glad you’re trying it! I guarantee it will not look like the photo! I’m pleased to be your “honorary substitute cyber mom” 😉 !! Okay…now I am feeling old. lol

      • lol I actually meant it as a compliment! 😀 I tried my best. It tasted delicious, well maybe since i made it i could be biased, but hey i liked it! lol … Thanks Judy again! More…………… 😀 porfavor!

      • I took it as a compliment! 😉 It’s just me and my weird sense of humor. You made it! You liked it? yay! Easy & yummy right? lol
        You are good testimony for the post! Thanks, Elyas!

      • Judyeeeeeeee !!! or should I say
        mon ami’s cybermom? 😆
        I am a mom and i am young
        Will always be young
        So don’t you go and equate “mom” to “old” 😀
        old is gold, mom is gold too 😀
        but old is not equal to mom [that goes against some mathematical theory, I guess!!!]

      • oh I was just joking about being mon ami’s “mom”. 😉 I am sorry if I came across as making a statement about “moms”! I would never do that! I have too much of a “kid at heart” in me and refuse to grow up! lol Being a mom keeps us young no matter how old our kids are. 😉

      • hi Fi to that Judy 😀

        sure thing – children keeps us young
        and I don’t want to move our of neverland 😉
        I am wendy bird 😀

      • Good morning wendy bird! I like that! “I can fly….” Never want to stop flying! You started my morning out in a lovely way! Thanks! 😉

  3. what do you expect the photo to be with a name like “sloppy joes”?
    It sure looks sloppy 😀 and looks yummy 🙂
    the capture is awesome … food is food as long as it is good to eat … 😆

    • ahhhh here comes my friend Amira with a great statement! “what do you expect the photo to be with a name like “sloppy joes”?” haha….I love that! That will make me laugh all day….thank you! 😉 I do agree with you….”as long as it is good to eat…”!

    • hahaha….nope! Brings back to mind the time we were camping in Yellowstone….haha.. I sure thought there was meat in the Manwich can! “Well, we are going to eat it anyway!” So we ate the sauce, by golly. lol

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