Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Oxbow Bend, Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming.    Peaceful~

Peaceful Oxbow Bend, WY.

Oxbow Bend is a loop or bend in the Snake River, which has been cut off from the main river section.  Its name came from the shape of this section of the river, which resembles an oxbow used by pioneers.  Oxbow Bend lies east of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming,

I’ve always felt peaceful in the mountains and by water.   The Tetons are some of my favorite mountains.  They are spectacular because they rise directly out of the floor of Jackson Hole.  There are no foothills at the base of these mountains.  Geological forces of heat and energy nearly 10 million years ago, forced the Tetons’ rocky summits toward the sky.  They are a sight to behold.  Huge craggy, granite pinnacles rise almost above your head.  You feel close enough to touch them…

Soaring and majestic, reflected in the water, it’s here I feel peace.

Have a peaceful night.

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33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

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  2. What an interesting photo. I’ve always been fascinated by oxbows ever since I learned that the border of Louisiana and Mississippi changes every so often when a new oxbow is created by the Mississippi River – which is the border – cutting off land that belonged to one state and transferring it to the other.

    The oxbow you’ve photographed seems much more placid and peaceful, however. Quite a beautiful place.

    • Thank you. I had no idea the same thing happens between Louisiana and Mississippi! Very interesting. Thanks for enlightening me! And thanks for stopping by!

    • Oh no…not an escaped tweet! Thanks for your kind comment Todd, I actually was debating between this one and one from the Canadian Rockies. So that one is going up tonight. Stay tuned!

  3. This is a gem of a posting my friend,
    and with your delightful description
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    the weekend Judy and thank you for
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  4. That’s a beautiful scene and well photographed! A peaceful place indeed! My, I haven’t been to the Tetons since in the late 60’s but I remember how wonderful they were.

    • Hi montucky! Thank you for your comments. I do think I could sit there forever….but I have many favorite places. I’m getting ready to post another favorite. Come back and see it! Thanks for stopping by!

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