In The Bleak Mid-Winter~

Hello friends!

Sometimes in winter where I live, when the snow piles higher than your boots, it looks like fairyland in the beginning of the season.  The snow is beautiful, powdery soft, fun to be in and it sparkles in the sun.   Then the long months of cold set in, and we sometimes wonder if spring will ever arrive.   These middle-winter months always remind me of a hymn I love called: “In The Bleak Mid-Winter”**.   It’s really a Christmas hymn, but I love to hear it any time of the winter.

“In the bleak mid-winter,  frosty wind made moan,


 Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone,


 Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow……”

It’s a beautiful song and it lifts the spirit.   Music has a way of taking us to another place.   I’ve always believed that there is a strong emotional connection with music; it has the ability to change our moods and it connects us to memories.

Flowers are another mid-winter life-saver for me!   When I bring some into the house, it makes me feel sunny and upbeat!  I’ll share one with you now.  This purple Clematis photo was taken last summer.


**In The Bleak Mid-Winter” Lyrics by: Christina G. Rossetti, 1830-1894.  Music by: Gustav Holst, 1874-1934.
To see the entire hymn, click here.

Good night all~
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24 thoughts on “In The Bleak Mid-Winter~

  1. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? I find it quite surreal in the early morning hours when everything is quiet and all you see for miles is a blanket of snow… 😉

    • I do love it. I love the snow until it gets that hard grey cement look or brown and slushy, sloppy. That’s when it gets “old”! Fresh snow is the best in the early morning….yep! 😉

  2. Lovely photos Judy 🙂
    I am absolutely dying to experience that side of life –
    all the snow, it’s magesty, awe inspiring whiteness,
    the sheer beauty of its fluffiness, the cool ambiance of its presence 🙂
    thanks for sharing.

  3. This only makes me miss the snow lol … no sign of it here where I live! I dont kno what the heck is going on .. last year we saw it in October, but this time, February is almost approaching without the mention of snow. crazy … it’s January and the temperature is fluctuating between law 30s and high 50s. 🙂 Hmm I kno some people are happy for no snow around, but I do like it.

    Nice entry, Judy! And awesome shots as always! 😀

    • Well, in actuality we have no snow right now…it’s the icky brown trees and dormant flowers. (snow pix from November!) We do have an advisory for rain/snow today so perhaps that won’t make a “liar” out of me! 😉 We’ve had the same temperature fluctuations. In fact, my husband played golf on Wednesday! Thanks so much, Elyas!

    • Thank you, Meg! That’s the way I feel too! You’ll be seeing more flowers as winter goes on! I have to keep my mind on the prize: “Spring”! lol Thanks for commenting!

  4. This is my first visit to your Space but I can instantly say that I like your style of posting my friend, and the photographs that you have added along with this one truly enhance the flavour… Do have a most excellent rest of week and a very exciting weekend also.


      • Thank you for returning the visit my friend
        and also for browsing one of my extra pages
        of which I must agree I also like the Big Cats.

        You are welcome to call by anytime that you
        are in the neighbourhood and comment on
        whatever you like, I do add alternative genres
        other than Gothic Horror so I do hope that
        you will find something to your liking…

        Have a lovely Friday…


      • Thank you, Androgoth. I found your blog very interesting. I really don’t mind Thursday Night Parties! Your cute pet on the left side bar with the drooling mouth and drippy fangs gave me a start….but, ahhh, I regained my composure! lol Thanks for your kind invitation.

  5. must have been hard to live a life in a place where there is snow for whole winters.
    but it looks pretty , the photos u took they all look good . and the flower its beautiful. you are good at capturing the nature

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