As Delicate as a Thread?

Hello friends….
I have something old and something new, something delicate and something strong.

My daughter gave me a lovely necklace for Christmas that I coveted for a long time.   It’s silver, turquoise and sweetly delicate, with a tiny bird on the dangle section.  As strong as the necklace is, its appearance is as delicate as a thread.

 With the fine look the necklace has, I paired it with some vintage, wooden spools of thread for the photo.
While the spools have a hefty look,  the thread has a delicate look, as does the necklace.

Can something as dainty and delicate as a thread be strong?  Even as strong as a wooden spool? 🙂

If you have a friend, parent, spouse, child, partner or someone you care about, you know the threads that bind us are very strong indeed.   In a true relationship those threads will not break.  They may fray a bit, but they will hold strong.  And with love and care they can be repaired.   Friendship, love and caring are the threads that connect people all over the world.   Strong?   You bet.


                      “Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world.”   ~unknown

Thinking of you, my friends….

Click here to go to the store “RoseAndRaven” (necklace purchase/great jewelry here)

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20 thoughts on “As Delicate as a Thread?

  1. Judy, Your writing keeps getting better and better. I am so impressed with all that you are doing and all of the ways you are stretching and growing yourself. Keep up the good work. I am grateful for our thread of friendship. Just miss seeing you as often as we did last year.

    • Judy….I miss you too. Which one of us will move closer to the other?? 😉 Thanks for your sweet comments. I’m trying…and I’m so inspired by those around me….including you! Your letter was wonderful! Come and visit again.

  2. “Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world.”
    that’s a wonderful quote.

    and I guess:
    WordPress is the spool, blogger friends is the thread around it.
    and THAT is the thread that ties the hearts of the world.
    hearts like mine and yours, and all the wonderful followers
    followers of our blog, our words, our thoughts and ideas 🙂

    thank you for all the threads that you leave me on my blog 😀

    • Amira….I just knew you’d put a wonderful “spin” on this post! I love the way you said that! It is so true. Thank you for your kindness and the threads of encouragement you leave on MY blog! 😉

  3. Wow, Such a beautiful write up 🙂 .. friendship is the bond which remains in our lifetime.. and the link you shared is amazing.. With beautiful necklaces :).. Hope you had a great day!!

    • Thank you for your sweet words, Khushbu! I agree with you: ‘Friendship is a bond that remains through our lifetime.’ Yes, Rose and Raven have lots of pretty things. I would like many of them! 😉 The sun is out…so my day is good! Hope you are having a good day, also!

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    • OH MY! Wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so loved, honored and humbled to receive this award from such a fantastic creative writer and blogger as you. You have boosted my confidence so much by giving me this award, Amira! Thank you again! ❤

  5. “Friendship, love and caring are the threads that connect people all over the world. Strong? You bet.” Beautiful words, Judy!! And I agree with you 101%!!! 🙂 And a lovely gift you got!! 🙂

  6. waooo a pretty necklass , you are lucky to have a daughter like that but she is also more lucky to have a nice mom like u 🙂
    and once again im gonna praise that photograph 😉
    and yeah the relations are the strong threads

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