the Cloud Quilt~


Warm and fluffy, deep and puffy,
Sometimes a blanket just won’t do.

Snuggle under my soft thick cover,
And have yourself a rest.

My designs excite, my hues delight,
You’ll sleep well tonight~

Under me.


Sweet dreams, everyone~


14 thoughts on “the Cloud Quilt~

  1. what a fabulous photo Judy.

    It sure looks like a fluffy quilt.
    And yes, I will sleep peacefully tonight under that fluffy sky 🙂

    I look at it a few more seconds
    and I see ripples of the ocean 🙂
    the skeleton tree like the shadow reflected on water 🙂

    really really awesome picture 🙂

    • Amira, I always love the way you reply! Your thoughts of the ocean and reflections are wonderful! Thank you so much! PS…I still can’t believe I wrote a poem. I think the last time was when I was 7. lol I’m kinda proud of myself!

    • I LOVE your smile! Thank you! My first attempt, since elementary school at a poem…and you like it…that makes me jump for joy! Thanks so much Khushbu!

    • I almost wrote you last night and said: Elyas Elyas! I wrote a poem!! I haven’t done that since I was 7, I think. Thank you for your sweet comments…I’ll keep trying! 😉 With all the inspiration around me here…I am blessed!

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