Happy New Year, everyone!

Hello to my wonderful blog readers!

Another year has come to an end.  The sun is setting on 2011.  We must say good-bye to this year and all its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows, its celebrations and quiet times.  But a new year awaits us!  A brand new, fresh, sparkling year.

We have a fresh slate….    It’s time to start writing in the sand!

sunset on Lake Superior in the Keweenaw Peninsula, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The Keweenaw Peninsula is known for its beautiful rocks, many with red
colors, due to the iron in the area.

sand reflecting the sunset, Keweenaw Peninsula, Upper Michigan

Happy New Year to all my blog readers!  I hope you have your best year yet in 2012!


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24 thoughts on “Happy New Year, everyone!

  1. My sun sets in Maldives, yours in Michigan 🙂
    a few hours apart. yet it’s the same sun … saying bye to 2011 🙂
    what a wonderful world.

    See you in 2012 🙂

    • Okay….now I have tears running down my cheeks! You are so dear, Amira. Yes..we do share the same things. I will look at the sun, moon, sky and think of my friend in Maldives and wish her well. You have touched my heart with your writing and your personality. I wish you all the best in 2012…. ❤

  2. I’ve been up to the UP a number of times, but not to the Keweenaw; I can never seem to tear myself away from the area around Munising or the Porkies. One of these days…

    Happy New Year, Judy!

    • Well that area…Munising and the Porcupines…is definitely beautiful, and has many good reasons to stay! Especially for photographers. This was our first time going to the Keweenaw and Copper Harbor. We loved it. It was in September, so it was quieter than summer, and the trees were just starting to turn. The difference between the two shores of the peninsula is amazing….the rocks, the sand…etc. It’s cool. Happy New Year to you, Kerry!

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Judy!!! 🙂

    Wishing you the best in 2012. More recipes. More happiness. More fun. More laughter. More awesome posts. More Judy on wordpress!! lol

    Thank you for all your support Judy!! You have been an awesome friend!! 🙂

    • lol….Judy on WordPress….sounds like a radio show, Elyas! lol I’ll look forward to more laughter, more happiness more fun…yes indeed!
      It goes both ways, my friend. You have been a terrific boost for me. I may not have stayed this long if it weren’t for you. Thank you. Happy New Year to you, also!! 🙂 May all your dreams and wishes come true in 2012.

  4. Love the photos. Having lived in Michigan for a few years some years back, we loved vacationing in the Upper Peninsula. LOVED it. BTW, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.

  5. HELLO JUDY!!! 🙂

    I’ve nominated you for both the Candle Lighter and the Liebster Award because you so deserve both awards!! 🙂

    Thank you for all your support and kind words!! I really appreciate it!!

    HAPPY 2o12!!!

    • Elyas….You are so sweet. Thank you so much. I am humbled and honored to be among all the wonderful bloggers listed. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me.❤ For~ receiving these awards is a wonderful form of support, as well as a boost to my confidence~and it just plain makes me happy! 😉 Thank you again and Happy 2012 to you also! ❤

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