Silence and thought~

As I sit alone in the darkness beside the tree with the sparkling lights, and gaze upon the beautiful, gaily wrapped presents, I think of all the thought my children have put into the presents they purchased.  Tomorrow morning we will laugh and be surprised, hug and say thank you.  We will enjoy a breakfast together and then they will be off to their other families.  I am so thankful we have this time together; we are so fortunate to be able to celebrate this way.


But I also think about those who cannot afford gifts… those who have nothing to celebrate.. those who are separated from family members….those who live with daily fear…..those who have no home…those for whom a bowl of rice is their holiday~or even worse, no food on this day of days.   And my heart aches.

I am one person, and I give what I can, but it is not enough.  It will never be enough.

I have a favorite quote, attributed to Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”   To me, it is such a powerful quote, and one I truly believe in.

This year I started a new tradition at home.  I have a very small, undecorated tree.  There are no presents under this tree.  It’s our Thankful, Grateful tree.   I have blank tags and pens available.  When one of the family is inspired, they write something they are thankful or grateful for on the tag and hang it on the tree.   I was gone for a while today and when I came home…..the tree was “lit” with tags.  Blessings!

It’s good to remember what gives our lives true meaning, and have that same wish for others.

My wish for you, my friends, is that you enjoy your holiday, however you celebrate it, and that you are able to feel thankful, grateful and blessed too….

10 thoughts on “Silence and thought~

  1. Merry Christmas, Judy.. This post is beautiful with Great thoughts .. You really have a beautiful heart , thinks about people who cannot afford gifts on this Holiday… I wish in this world everyone should be fed, clothed, homed&loved… :).. 🙂 I hope one day this wish may come true.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    • Jenny, thank you for your kind words about my post. You are so dear. I hope you had a lovely holiday too… Thank you so much for being a great blog friend.

    • Judy……thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your comment and your visit! **BTW…your homemade sticky buns were the hit of breakfast today 🙂 In addition to Kara’s b’fst casserole, of course! Hope you had a great Christmas with the kids and grands…

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