Christmas at the Durham~

Hello dear blog readers!
This evening we are going to the Durham Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Durham Museum was originally the city’s train station, called: Union Station.  Union Station was built between 1929-1931, when it began serving railroad passengers.  It continued as a train station until the early 1970’s, when it was closed.  At that time it became the Western Heritage Museum, with a small regional display of artifacts.  A large renovation took place in 1995, at which time the present Durham Museum opened its doors with a larger display of different modes of transportation, local historical displays, a gift shop and more.

The Durham is designed in the Art Deco fashion.  Note the ceiling, wall and lighting designs in the photo below; all popular during the Art Deco period.

Christmas at the Durham Museum, Omaha, NE.

I will post more photos of the Durham Museum in the upcoming weeks.
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13 thoughts on “Christmas at the Durham~

    • Yes! You have a good eye for detail! I went back and looked and there they were! 😉 The Durham museum is an awesome place. I love the architecture. I’ll post more on it soon.

  1. Judy, I’m from Omaha, but left in 1983. My parents, and many of my relatives still live there, so it was great to see a piece of O-town on your blog. I have not been to that building since it was the Western Heritage. Looks fantastic and great pics. What brought you to Omaha if you live in Michigan?

    • Hi MJ….My son and daughter-in-law live in Omaha, so we are there at least a couple of times a year. The Durham Museum is such a beautiful building, and very well-cared for, too. I intend to put a few more photos of the Durham up soon. Did you see my photos of Lauritzen Gardens? Thanks for your kind comments.

      • Well it may have been changed. All I know is that it’s not far from the zoo (I think)….and not far from downtown. I’m rotten with directions! It’s really a beautiful place, and when we went, they were featuring local sculptor, Kaneko, whose sculptures were spread around the gardens. It was cool.

      • Oh I’m sorry. You asked What IS Lauritzen Gardens….acres and acres of flowers, trees, a rose garden, ponds, an English garden, shade garden, Japanese Garden, etc. Lovely place to walk…

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