❤ The Versatile Blogger Award!   Wowza!

I am blushing still……I am so excited.   I was speechless when I got the news from Kweschn!  that I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.  And that is not like me!!   I feel very humbled to be amongst such a talented group of  bloggers.  I thank you, Kweschn! (aka Elyas), from the bottom of my heart,  for nominating me for this award.

I have some work to do as a Versatile Blogger.  There are some Rules to follow.  One of them is to nominate 15 other bloggers.  This was very hard for me.  I follow many wonderful blogs by creative people and it was very hard to choose.

❤ The Rules

These are the rules that every nominee must comply with:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

❤ So, even though I’ve said it….I’ll do it again:  a big THANK YOU to Kweschn!/Elyas for nominating me, for being one of my first blog followers and for continuing to visit my site~which gives me a lot of encouragement.  You write awesome poetry and I always love to see what new poems you’ve written.

❤ Seven things about me you may want to know?  hmm…
1. I was born in New York State, lived in Detroit and now live in a small Michigan town, where it is cold!
2. I have a great husband and two children who are both married.  I consider their spouses “my kids” too.
3. (So, after reading #2, you know I’m old!)  I love to do calligraphy and any sort of lettering, basically any type of Art.
4. My dad worked for Kodak for several years and loved taking photos.  He always saw the detail in what he was shooting.  It’s one of the things he taught me.  I love to shoot photos, but I’ll always be learning.
5. My kids were my inspiration to blog.  My daughter started to blog last summer, but then work and grad school got in the way. She promises to get it going again.  My son has had a photography blog for several years.
6. Some of my favorites: soft, cozy blankets, hot cocoa, chocolate, blue skies, Lake Michigan, gardening, cloud formations, fall colors, puppies and kittens, my camera, charcoal pencils, traveling, shoes!, surprises, smiles, laughter, hugs, and did I mention chocolate?  😉
7. I hope that someday in the world there is acceptance for all, respect, kindness and cooperation among all.  I know I sound crazy, but my dream is that the fighting and arguing will stop and Peace will reign.  ❤  Thanks for listening to my Seven.

Here are the Nominations:
demonking~ great writer with a good sense of humor, having a lot of fun on that blog!
Harish Sharma ~ cool photos and artwork live in this blog
Igo My Way~ travel along through stories and photos of beautiful places she’s been
keltrustsnoone ~ passionate writer: poems, causes, current events
khushjenny~ loves life and it shows in her writing!
lesleycarter~ starting with an awe-inspiring Bucket List, she tackles extreme adventures with class!
lifevesting ~ from fashion to movies to a wee little pug… about it here!
momlovesphoto~ lovely photos, tips and tutorials, it’s all here in this great blog
inside out cafe~ upbeat personality, great writing on a variety of subjects that we can relate to in “real life”
Novel Girl~ awesome writing tips and tutorials for would-be authors and even bloggers like me!  Excellent book reviews too.
riseandroam~ plan to travel? visit her site for helpful tips and the best sightseeing places that may not be #1 in the tourist books
Rob Slaven Photography ~ here’s a deal for you!  Two blogs in one!  Great photos…&  The Tattered Thread~ excellent writing
The Schmitt House~ writing about her family, travels and daily life with a delightful sense of humor
Personal Perceptions~ cool photos~ and there’s always a story or a statistic connected to them….a nice quality in a photo blog
1000 scribbles ~ lovely photos from all over, great music and videos….

Congratulations to all of you!   Everyone….please check out these fabulous blogs.   They all are fantastic!
Good night all!

30 thoughts on “AN AWARD!!!!

    • Ana….you are welcome! You deserve this award for your fine photos and great stories, videos and music! I enjoy visiting your blog. Congratulations again!

  1. bravo 🙂 hey congrats on getting this award 🙂 may u have plenty more ,
    oh so u have been to detroit where my eminem lived once 😉
    hey thanx alot for nominating me 🙂 i was sick and feeling bad but today when i read that great news now im happy 🙂 thanks alot judy

    • Ah yes! eminem. 😉 Detroit’s a cool city despite the bad rap it gets. You are welcome….your writing is great and I wanted to show my appreciation for it. I hope you are feeling better~

  2. congrats on the WINNING and well done on the PASSING to awesome blogs 🙂
    i quite like your seven facts.

    and I totally totally agree with the last one:

    “I hope that someday in the world there is acceptance for all, respect, kindness and cooperation among all”

    I add my hoping to your hoping. And I hope this is spread out by the 15 lucky bloggers you nominated, and they on to another 15 each and so on…

    we can be the change that we want 😀

    • amira….you overwhelm me with your compliments. Thank you so much. You are so dear. When I was reading your post-award comments, I thought: gee, we agree on a lot of the same things! You have a gift for writing….. thank you for commenting today.

  3. Amazing! I hope you continue to transcribe your experiences and advice for yourself and others, they have been wonderful to read. I’ll definitely continue to follow along.

    Thank you for the nomination! You have brightened my day.

    • Elyas….what can I say? You are my “pat on the back”, the first “like” and comment I ever got….you have kept me going! I can’t thank you enough for this award. I’m still on Cloud 9! You certainly made my day. Thanks so much again…. In addition….your poetry speaks volumes and brings images and emotions to me…it’s wonderful. For someone who never could crank out a poem, I find your talent nothing short of amazing.

      • I must say your words really humble me! Am happy you enjoy my poems!!

        In fact I must also include that you are my pat on the back! lol Thanks for your support! It really means a lot to me and to those you bring smile to! 🙂 … you deserve to be on Cloud 9!! 😀

        And yea, I second Amira’s comment on the 7 facts!! Number 5 is my favorite! Parents are often intimidated by what their kids do, let alone join the party! lol .. But you went beyond joining the party, and now it seems you are leading the pack! I am sure your children love what you do, and now, it’s your turn to inspire them to keep blogging! 🙂

      • Wow! I like what you say about me “leading the pack” with my kids! 🙂 They are wonderful kids; they always have been. I like the idea that we can inspire each other in blogging! Thanks for the thoughts, Elyas!

    • You are very welcome Jenny. I’m glad it made you happy! You are such a great writer and you have a delightful personality to match! I’m glad we found each other. 😉

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the Versatile Blogging Award with me! Your blog is so full of holiday cheer, recipes and incredible photography! What a treat to be chosen by you!

    • You are welcome, and you deserve it! I love your blog. I feel very much “at home” reading it. You have many wonderful things to share. Thank you for your compliments….;)

    • Bindu…thank you, you are very kind. I really like your blog…I spent some time browsing and reading it just a few days ago. You have quality work there….keep it up. I will be back to browse some more!

    • Hi Michelle! Congrats to you~ and you are welcome. I love your blog.
      Your photos are outstanding….and your tutorials are wonderful. There is so much I can learn from you! Thank you~

  5. OMG,
    The third description of yourself broke down my dull evening into a broad smile and the seventh touched me and got me thinking.When will that day ever come?What are doing about it?Thanks for sharing.I am proud to follow such a `young’ ambitious blogger!

    • gethappy….Ok I found which #3 you are talking about! lol ahh yes!
      #7..Exactly…what can we do about it? I’ve been on mission trips with my church, rebuilding homes in New Orleans and locally, but I want to do more for other countries too. Although hopefully giving money to world-wide projects and organizations helps. There is so much to do, so many to help. Thanks for your comments!

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