Chicago at Christmas~ part 2

Hello loyal blog readers!

Today I have a few more photos of Chicago for you.  Remember, these were taken through the car windows…..and would have turned out better, had I been on the outside of the car….running alongside my husband as he drove!  😉     Enjoy~

nearing the Chicago River drawbridge, notice the mix of old and new buildings....

looking out over the Chicago River with more Christmas lights & the reflection of the building on the left in the windows of the building on the right....

Chicago's Michigan Avenue, known as the "Magnificent Mile" of shopping and restaurants.....

...the John Hancock Center is the 4th tallest building in Chicago, scraping the sky at 100 stories. It's the black one with the X's on the sides.....

........a close-up comparison of an old building and a new one in Chicago.......

Thanks for visiting….come back again!

4 thoughts on “Chicago at Christmas~ part 2

    • Thank you, Stefan. I really like the photos on your site. The mix of colors and darkness is very cool. And the music samples are interesting! I’ve always loved live concerts. Thanks for visiting!

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