Chicago at Christmas~

Hello to my favorite blog readers…..
I promised you some photos from Christmastime in Chicago,  and I have some for you tonight.

Chicago is the third largest city, by population,  in the USA, following NYC and Los Angeles.
To me..the best part about Chicago’s Michigan Avenue “Magnificent Mile”,  besides great shopping, are the lines on both sides of the road of lighted trees from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  The trees make the whole avenue sparkle and twinkle with light!  The buildings are also decorated, so the whole area has quite a festive feeling.
Because parking is difficult, and it was getting late, we just drove down Michigan Avenue this time, and continued on our way home.  My photos are not as I’d like them… they were all taken from the car!  I needed red lights so the car would stop and I could get photos without blur…..would you believe we had mostly GREEN lights?  lol   Murphy’s Law, I guess.   Perhaps you could squint your eyes as you view the photos….and then you won’t notice the blur.  I hope you enjoy them anyway!

sunset with a vertical "sun ray"....look closely...over an old train bridge..

.....the former Sear's Tower, now the Willis Tower, reflecting the sunset....

the Water Tower Place. (short white bldg) A great 8 story downtown "mall"...Note the lighted trees.'s a good look at the trees on Michigan Ave......

....another look at trees....(remember to squint your eyes, now!)

......yet more trees.. 😉 this time by the Ann Taylor store....

....there is a banner here that says: "'tis the season to visit"...

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Chicago in December!  Chicago is also a great place to go in other seasons.  In the summer they offer the Blues’ Festival and The Taste of Chicago; there are wonderful museums and a great Art Institute.  Shedd Aquarium and the zoos are fantastic places for children and adults.  Of course, Chicago is right on the edge of Lake Michigan, with running paths, sandy beaches and parks.  I could go on and on…….plan a visit to Chicago sometime and see for yourself!

Good night all!  Thanks for visiting~

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