How about a Red Pepper Holiday?

Hello readers!

I have been in Chicago for a few days.  I hope to post some photos very soon of Michigan Avenue (the Miracle Mile of stores!).  I love this area at Christmastime, because all the trees in front of the stores are lit with white lights.  It’s really lovely.

Tonight’s post: How about a Red Pepper Holiday?  Last winter when I was in New Mexico I bought a ristra.   A ristra a way to dry peppers for cooking.  The people who sell them usually tie them together and make a wreath or a long string of peppers.  Now they have become so popular for decorations, that many people just hang them inside or outside their homes.  You have to admit that bright red color is beautiful.  If you aren’t going to eat them, they spray it with a clear glossy coat that enhances the color.


I like a little spice, but not a lot.  I prefer my spice on the wall or the door!!  Not in my food!! 😉

On Pinterest one day I noticed a photo of a ristra wreath with a holiday ribbon on it.  I liked the idea so well,  I changed up mine with a Christmas ribbon too.

See you soon, and thanks for stopping to visit~


2 thoughts on “How about a Red Pepper Holiday?

  1. Hi Judy,

    I used to have a ristra in my kitchen then eventually it was moved to my front porch. One thing to be aware of is when the pods dry and crack and the seeds fall out they are extremely hot to any little animals or children who might be wandering the floor beneath it.

    Don’t you love New Mexico?

    • It seems as though all I have to do is look at it and I lose pods! But they have not cracked yet. Thanks for the tip. I’ll watch for them! Yes, I thought the part of NM we saw was beautiful. I’d like to see more the next time!

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