Wreath Makeover~

Good evening blog readers~
I have a makeover for you tonight!  Rats.  I wish it was MY makeover!  Alas….I have an old faux evergreen holiday wreath I’ve used for 10 years and it’s getting pretty sad looking.   It needed a “tune up”.  I have the before and after photos to show you.

I like a simple wreath.  I could do without the ribbon even!  If you want a new wreath this year….consider making one, or giving an old one a makeover.  It is very easy.  The one I have is very large, about 24″ in diameter.  A smaller wreath would work well and would be easier to cover.   Consider using one color and an odd number of objects.  I think one color stands out nicely against the green background color of the wreath.   Use your imagination!  Craft stores, discount stores and dollar stores are full of items you can use for a wreath.

Perhaps you like bells, traditional round ornaments,  hearts, angels, or candy canes….whatever you like, gather an odd number and use wire to attach it to the wreath.  I use green 24 gauge wire.  It’s easy to twist and anchor, and I need just a small pair of wire cutters for it.  You can use string, ribbon or twist ties too.

I found ribbon in the color of the ornaments and wrapped it loosely around the wreath.  I wish I could make a bow like my friend does.  I want to have her do a tutorial on here for you sometime!  I can tie a regular bow….but fancy ones are beyond me!

The old wreath……

The wreath after its makeover…..  😉

A bonus: I can use this wreath all winter.

Enjoy making your wreath….or giving an old one a new look!
And thanks so much for dropping in to visit~


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