Book: Best Friends Forever

Dear readers:

The book, Best Friends Forever, by Jennifer Weiner, is a great book.  It’s not a predictable text.  There are plenty of surprises.

The book is about the friendship between two young girls who meet at the age of eight, and swear they will be best friends forever.  

Their relationship has to deal with disloyalty, tragedy and separation over the years.  How the women handle this and what lies ahead for them makes this book a good read.

As always, Weiner is an excellent writer.  You may want to check out her other books too.

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3 thoughts on “Book: Best Friends Forever

  1. First, thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.

    I saw BOOKS so I had to check them out. How about that? The first three I’ve read! Will have to check out the fourth. I’m a vacumn cleaner when it comes to books. My books are holding up my house. I swear!

    Must mention that I love your WordPress theme. Delish.

    • Thanks! I haven’t updated my book section in a long time! I love to read and I’m far behind in posting books. Besides, I don’t think of myself as a good book reviewer! It’s deadly for me to walk into any bookstore! Right now I have such a high pile by my bed, I have to turn the light on or I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself getting in or out! 😉
      I’m reading the Book Thief right now and enjoying it. Thanks for your comment! I look forward to more visits!

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