Welcome to my new home!

Welcome to my new home!  It’s under construction now, so you’ll see changes in the next few days as I figure out all the new features!

Until then, I want to share a favorite image from Zion.  The mountain is appropriately named “The Watchman”.  A massive hunk of rock, it exudes strength and stability.


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Winter Wanderings…..

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.” ~ Anne Bradstreet

On the day before the first day of spring, I thought I’d post just a few photos of winter in my woods.   I always feel peaceful when walking in the woods.

After a heavy snowfall, that turned the world into a fairyland……
*click on image to enlarge*

The winter woods.

The winter woods.

The spruces stand tall..

The spruces stand tall..

Winter leaf...

Winter leaf…  A fall leaf shows strength and perseverance as it clings to a branch through the long winter months.  I made this photo into B&W, then brought the leaf color back.



Foggy winter morning...

Foggy winter morning…  Sometimes fog greets us on winter mornings.  I’m always trying to capture fog!

Thanks for viewing my post!  Happy Spring!

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